Drug distribution?

New Year’s Day, 2014

Today’s walk took me past a truck rental lot just off the freeway. On the street just outside the parking lot entrance stood someone wearing an orange vest. He was standing just behind an SUV parked at the curb, the driver’s door open, another man sitting in the driver’s seat, also wearing an orange vest. On the other side of the street, facing the other way, a third man sat in a car, engine running.

The two at the SUV were in wireless communication with someone; as I went past, I heard something about not knowing where someone was coming from.

There were a lot of rental trucks going into and out of the lot. On a New Year’s day holiday? The guy on the street steered arriving trucks into the parking lot, drivers who had never been to this particular place before and didn’t know their way around.

My guess is that they were breaking down a large stash of drugs into smaller loads to be delivered around the various territories.

Call 911? Nope. As to drugs, I may be required to obey bad laws, but I’m not required to help enforce them. As to additional criminal activity, I have no probable cause to believe any of these people has engaged in violence against people or property, and they are entitled to a presumption of innocence on my part as well as in a court of law.

No photos, though. I’m not going to press my luck.


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