Common decency II

We wanted to get out, so we walked to the downtown library. There was a mob of 50 or so protesters at the corner of the street commandeered by the Obama crowd, with two or three TV news vans. Probably the president never even knew they were there; TV coverage was the whole point.

Chanting, with accompaniment by a drum and some kind of other allegedly musical instrument. I don’t know and don’t care what they were protesting: I reconfirm my position that a mob is always wrong.

The library is just across from the Palo Alto police station. That block was also cordoned off, with the Palo Alto police department mobile emergency response unit parked in front, communications mast raised high so it could coordinate with events at the demonstration.

Very fancy. Very. I would be surprised if the mobile emergency response command center cost less than a million dollars, and not at all surprised if it cost more than ten million. This is just one of a whole collection of Palo Alto vehicles, several of which were on display.

Palo Alto is a city of around 60 000 people. You would think something like that could at least be shared amongst all the cities of the peninsula. Maybe there’s a reason the White House doesn’t bother paying for cities’ out of pocket expenses. It’s only tax money, hardly worth even counting, and if Palo Alto has no more brains than that, why should Obama care?


As well as the protesters, we are inflicted with a Coast Guard helicopter circling around looking for suspicious activity.



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