Minority oppression, root cause

Doug Bandow’s Cato blog on the Balkans reminds me about the continuing phenomenon of minority oppression. Doug writes about the ethnic X oppressing the ethnic Y, who he suggests, ought to have the right of self-determination. In this case, X and Y are Balkan ethnicities, but much the same could be said about most countries throughout the mid-East and elsewhere, and the minority groups could equally well be religious, racial, or as in the US, the productive. 

These discussions implicitly accept the premise that groups should struggle with other groups, each seeking advantage at the expense of the other. Government is seen as a tool of exploitation, and the debate is only about who exploits whom and how much. This is the root cause of oppression.

To address the root cause, we need to repudiate the premise, and advocate government that does not exploit anyone. After all, if Serbs and Croatians, Israelis and Palestinians, Christians and Muslims, were free to live their own lives with neither preferential nor discriminatory treatment from the government, it would not matter what the government was called, or even where the boundaries were drawn.

Never forget that the victims of oppression are individuals, not groups.


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