Herding cats

At Cato, Michael Cannon writes about Obamacare advocates structuring the conversation in such a way that all of its failings are due to lack of support, if not downright sabotage, by its opponents.

Giving them the maximum possible credit for good intentions, there may be philosopher kings who truly want to create nirvana on earth. This of course never works and never can work — a very frustrating position for the philosopher king, who knows that prosperity would be just around the corner if only the rabble would conform to his grand vision.

But demagoguery does not repeal the laws of economics. Driven by his higher vision and the certainty of moral righteousness, the philosopher king is driven to seek more power, laws and regulations, with which to herd the cattle.

This doesn’t work either, of course. The next step is to discover the saboteurs, the backsliders, the counter-revolutionaries, the class enemies, the rich, the selfish. In its initial, mildest form, the philosopher king confiscates their property; their assets keep the fantasy alive for just a bit longer. Then comes imprisonment.

As reality continues to manifest itself, however, a next logical step is to exile the enemies of progress, if a border can be found across which to push them. Failing that, ghettos, concentration camps and mass executions ensue, and curiously enough, there is never a shortage of enemies.

Did Hitler, Stalin, Mao, intentionally set out to murder millions? Give them the maximum possible credit for having started out with benevolent intentions. Or consider them to have been masters at large-scale looting and murder from day one. It doesn’t matter: the end point is the same.

The Obama administration, in the fine tradition of its predecessors, is busy increasing its power to herd the cats. Obama clearly aims to confiscate all the wealth that isn’t protected by lobbyists. And in Cannon’s column, we now see that they are busy uncovering the saboteurs. How long before we start imprisoning those who refuse to go along with the program?


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