Cato — Jason Bedrick: Scientology

At Cato at Liberty, Jason Bedrick tells about a few charter schools in Arizona and Florida that are using a scientology-derived learning method. Whether it is in fact a valid teaching-learning method has apparently not been evaluated, certainly not within the scope of the story. The fact that it was developed and advocated by L. Ron Hubbard suffices for the chattering classes to use it as a vehicle to discredit the whole charter school movement, or at least to advocate bringing it under the heavy regulatory thumb of the government.

Bedrick points out that, for better or worse, the same method is in use in a public school in Louisiana. All of this is fine — pot calling the kettle black sort of thing — until Bedrick says 

The reality is that no entire group of schools – public, private, or charter – are [sic] immune from adopting silly education fads or outright quackery.

This is also perfectly true, as long as we don’t read between the lines. I am no fan of scientology myself, but I recognize an argument ad hominem when I see one. Jason, we expect better from you.


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