Whole Foods — Conspiracy in restraint of trade

Whole Foods market is sponsoring adverts urging Californians to vote for proposition 37, which would require labels on all food that contain genetically modified organisms.

Now, if Whole Foods wants to put such labels on their own products, that’s fine — or more likely, signs stating that their products do not contain GMOs. Whole Foods shoppers care enough to pay more.

As to using the force of law to raise costs for competitors and denigrate competing products, that’s pretty sleazy.

Once upon a time, we heard rumors that Whole Foods had something of a libertarian orientation. But actions speak louder than words. No free markets for them, when Government can put its heavy thumb on the scale!


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World traveler, mostly first and second world Outdoors: hiker, cyclist, photographer Libertarian Author, Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Networks, Wiley, 2012
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