Wireless bicycle computers II

After last week’s adventures, I investigated the problems with the Bontrager wireless bicycle computer further, and sent the following email to the same TrekBontrager support person I had been talking with before:

I think I figured out the problem, William. The computer is mounted (was mounted) next to a headlight, which I operate in flashing mode except in complete darkness. RFI generated from the headlight was interfering with the computer. I conducted a simple experiment to verify this conjecture, and am moderately confident that it is correct.

I suggest three actions on TrekBontrager’s part:
1. Be sure all of your product support people know about this. If it happened once, it will happen again.
2. Be sure all of your product developers know about this. It is a show-stopper product qualification criterion.
3. Be sure your marketing people know about this. I strongly recommend that such non-robust products be removed from the marketplace.

As of today, a week later, no response (and certainly no offer to refund my money or replace the product). Well, I do what I can.

One of the things I can do is flag the problem to other manufacturers, so they can either check for the issue or resolve it before it happens. I wrote to CatEye support, not mentioning any names of course. The next business day, I received a response, part of which is copied below:

I will be sure to share your comments with our HQ in Japan for consideration in developing future CatEye cycle computer and headlight products.

Best regards,
Jeff Wilbur
Vice President of Operations
CatEye America

Now I ask you, when I next need to spend money on one of these products, which vendor am I likely to choose?


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